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                    Heze exlen water treatment Co., Ltd is one of the largest producer of phosphonates, polymers, biocides, and other water treatment chemicals in China. Our products are available globally through agencies and distributors around the world. ……

                • AT-1099 foamless soaping agent

                • PA-1003 flocculant ( solid )

                • AT-1088 non silixone bleaching agent

                • AT-1077 high efficiency chelating powder

                • ET-1017 papermaking black liquor evaporat

                • PA-1004 coagulant ( solid )

                • PA-1002 flocculant ( liquid )

                • AT-1066 pickling inhibitor

                • ET-1016 scale inhibitor for barium and st

                • ET-1015 scale inhibitor for oil field wat

                • EZ-1044 central air conditioning maintena

                • EZ-1033 central air conditioning oil remo

                • EZ-1022 central air-conditioning cleaning

                • GL-060 boiler detergents ( alkaline solid

                • GL-050 boiler detergents ( alkaline liqui

                • GL-020 boiler detergents ( acidic solid )

                • GL-010 boiler detergents ( acidic liquid

                • AG-990 boiler high temperature corrosion

                • AG-970 boiler scale and corrosion inhibit

                • AG-960 boiler scale and corrosion inhibit